Bulletproof Confidence for Creatives

You deserve to feel total confidence in your creative life and work.

  • Are you letting fear of rejection hold you back from your creative purpose?

  • Do you lack motivation and structure and find yourself procrastinating when you want to be creating?

  • Is a fear of financial failure stopping you from taking the next step towards your goals?

  • Does your inner critic tell you that you aren’t good enough compared to those around you?

If any of these sound familiar, let’s work together to overcome your challenges and leave you with bulletproof confidence. 


Bulletproof Confidence for Creatives is a bespoke 1:1 coaching experience, personally designed to support you in being truly confident in your creative life and work. 


Are you ready to kick-start your creative life? 

'Tommy made me see the value in what I do and gave me the confidence I needed to make changes.'


What does bulletproof confidence look like?

  • A renewed mindset free from limiting beliefs, giving you the courage to move forwards with your next creative project. 

  • Acknowledging and owning your fear. Regaining control and making space for your worry alongside your creative endeavours. 

  • A sustainable and achievable strategy for harnessing your creativity in a way that works towards your individual financial goals.

  • Managing your time productively and efficiently with an understanding of exactly how you flow into your creative process. 

How does the process work?

  • Once we’ve had a chemistry call and you’ve made the decision to take your first step towards bulletproof confidence, I’ll send you a personalised in-depth questionnaire.

  • I’ll use your responses to tailor our sessions and the shape of your course – everyone’s experience will be completely unique.

  • Over a period of 3 months, we’ll have 6 hour-long 1:1 coaching calls.

  • You’ll have access to unlimited weekday support via email throughout the process.

Step away from fear to nurture yourself and nourish your creativity.


Tommy is open, curious, warm and energetic. I suspect everyone could use her coaching sessions.


Single up-front payment £1122


Three payments of £375

Creativity has always been the foundation of my life and work. I’ve experienced the highs of success: performing with Paloma Faith, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller; reaching the Top 10 iTunes Blues chart with my self-funded debut album; and being a vocal coach for more than a decade at BIMM London, Europe’s leading music college. I’ve hosted songwriting camps, coaching people to embrace confidence and remain present in the process with their co-creators. 


And yet, I’ve also experienced the heartache and fear that so often lie behind creativity; I know the temptation to step away from the risks involved in shaping a creative life and career. I’ve written songs that will never be heard and faced the hurdles we’re all familiar with as creatives in competitive and challenging industries. 


I’ve learnt the power of creating simply for the process, giving myself the permission to harness my creativity for myself rather than for anyone else. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creativity and I don’t have a manual – it can feel uncertain. What I do promise to deliver is a sustainable structure to help you find and harness your creativity in a way that works for YOU.


'Tommy has helped me to put in place structures so that I have time to do my writing; I have begun a blog; I have started taking part in a campaigning organisation; I have started to pursue other interests that had been on hold.'