Cultivating creativity in a noisy world

Updated: Jun 10

Is the noise of social media, comparison, and fear of failure getting in the way of your creativity?

It may be that you pursued your favourite childhood hobby as a career, or that you find your best creative ideas when you momentarily tap into your creative flow, or that running your own business requires you to access creative thinking and strategy on a regular basis.

BUT that you often hit creative block due to the noisy world around you.

These ideas are here to guide you to cultivate creativity, despite the distractions that surround you.

Tune in when needed and tune out when needed. It can be really rejuvenating to look to those you admire when you need a pep in your creative step. Asking yourself the questions, ‘Who do I admire?’ and ‘What do I admire about them?’ Equally, comparison can creep in when we look to our idols. If you can notice when you are hearing helpful thoughts from your inner critic as a response to looking to others’ work then we can choose to tune out. Then perhaps tune back in to what you know inspires us.

Shut down devices and get out in nature. One more thing from the to-do list can be a rabbithole away from our most creative thinking and ideas. I am queen at admin-ing my way through a day when I know there are more exciting, creative things I’ve been meaning to do for ages. If you notice yourself procrastinating, step away from your phone or laptop and reset with a stroll round the block. If you’d like something to accompany you, use my Creative Wander guided audio walk to unlock your creativity.

Spark a conversation. Often I find the stroll round the block pulls out an idea I didn’t know I had. It feels exciting, new, fresh and like I want to jump straight on it! Either I move too soon, or I don’t, and the idea can become a little stale. Either way, sharing it with someone will add fuel to the fire. Whether this helps to grow the idea further, helps to shape it, or just generates the accountability needed.

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