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I’m Katya Willems and I’m an Instagram Coach. I believe behind every business is a fascinating story and I’m passionate about helping people tell that story on their Instagram accounts.

On Instagram I feel that what a lot of accounts are missing is the essence of themselves.

It's too easy to get sucked into the pressure of creating very generic posts just like everyone else.

Inspirational quotes, advice written in a certain way, Reels that copy other people's formats. It all gets a bit samey.

However, if you can REALLY show up as yourself on Instagram, you become memorable, magnetic ​and it's easier to form deeper connections with your audience.

I’m obsessed that people should figure out who they really are, and bring that Special Sauce to Instagram.

It’s an authentic, rewarding and fun process. And bonus, it leads to sales!

BUT, it's scary and exposing showing up as your true self. And HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT ANYWAY?!

I can help:

An Exercise To Figure Out How To Be More YOU On Insta.

Just get a notepad and paper and go somewhere nice and quiet so you can concentrate.

I will answer the questions myself to give you an idea of how to answer them yourself.

1. Write down how your friends and family would describe you. If you can't think of anything, just ask them. This can include quirks and faults!

I think my friends would say I'm adventurous, a bit mad, I love throwing myself into new situations, I'm kind and sensitive. Frequently a bit oversensitive. Obsessed with personal development and therapy. Also that I'm outdoorsy and into hiking and wild swimming.

2. Look at testimonials you've received, what words keep cropping up?

In my testimonials fun, creative, energetic come up a lot. Helpful, inspiring, reassuring are also words that feature. And many clients mentioned that I helped them to be brave on Insta.

3. Finally, think about some of the achievements in your life that you are most proud of and what those achievements say about you. In can be anything. It could be something simple like you decorated your bedroom or it could be something like running a marathon.

  • I'm really proud I chose to get divorced 7 years ago - it shows I'm brave and strong and willing to make difficult decisions for the greater good.

  • I went travelling for a year by myself when I was 25 - again it shows I'm brave, that I'm curious and that I have a willingness to launch myself into the unknown.

  • I moved to Manchester from London with the BBC when I was 35 and started a whole new life. It shows my pioneering nature and willingness to try new things and shake things up.

After doing this exercise you should have some key clues and information about what makes you different and unique and what your own distinct essence is. It should also leave you beaming with pride, which is always a good vibe to bring to Insta!

So this is your Special Sauce and it's going to be your key to having a much stronger account.

But now we need to work out how to weave that into your Insta content.

First of all look at those facets of yourself you’ve jotted down and really appreciate and savour for them. Even if to you it feels like your 'weird sauce' and you're not sure your audience will like you for it, believe me your weird sauce IS your special sauce.

Think of all your favourite Instagram accounts. The ones that make your roar with laughter or really touch your heart? I bet they are quirky and unusual and honest.

Stage 2: Exercise To Come Up With Content Ideas

Spend ten minutes jotting down content ideas where you infuse a bit your Special Sauce into it. Just let your imagination run wild. Jot down anything, even if it seems really silly or irrelevant. You can ditch the really ridiculous ideas at the end if you like, but allow those ideas to flow. You usually have to come up with some bad ideas before you get to the good ones. Trust the process.

I did this exercise on myself and this is what I came up with, hopefully it will help you.

First of all, I reflected on my Special Sauce qualities which are: brave, a bit mad, creative, adventurous, fun, reassuring, sensitive, kind.

My content ideas:

  • Throwbacks to my year abroad when I was 25 and some of the adventures I had.

  • Talk about the many communities I've joined in the last few years since starting my business. Share what I've gained from the experience of meeting so many interesting people - how it's helped and influenced my business and how happy it's made me.

  • Share some of my own story of my journey on Instagram. Of growing in confidence and being more able to show up as myself through experimentation and trying new approaches.

  • Content where I give advice on how to have more fun on Insta.

  • Content where I offer reassuring advice to my audience to help them feel more confident about showing up on Insta and giving different features ago.

  • Random silly content of me on walks and getting lost (which I always do) and having a laugh about it.

All of this content above will allow my audience to REALLY connect with me and what I stand for and how I teach Instagram. This will help me find the people who really want to work with me and who I really want to work with. Clearly for people who want scientific answers and formulas for working Instagram, they are going to realise very quickly that I am not for them. However creative, soulful people who want to be brave are going to be attracted to this content and will know I'm right for them.

Give these two exercises a go and see how you get on. Good luck!

If you’d like to find out how to work with me on my Special Sauce Coaching Package, here’s the link!

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