How to maintain a creative flow in lockdown

Connecting to your creativity can be tricky on a regular day. But we are now in the unusual situation of being only at home and potentially creating in a space that is also being used for sleeping, eating or playing. How do we maintain a creative flow in lockdown?

Here are some ideas to keep you moving.

As writing this involves my creativity, I had to practice before I preached. I went back to one of my favourite TED talks by author Elizabeth Gilbert, Your Elusive Creative Genius. It can feel like the ease of creativity has evaporated when we can’t access our usual physical inspiration, such as art galleries, live music, nature, or our studio/office. Elizabeth talks about separating ourselves from our creativity. Imagining we have a creative spirit that presents us with our next idea. If we invite this spirit into our house, the creativity can flow. Keeping it separate can alleviate the pressure we tend to put on our output - to be great, perfect, innovative, outstanding!

Here are some ways to prepare for inviting your creative spirit in.

Do some work to remove your fear and negative emotion

How does it feel when you create? What does it feel like to be moving through your creative process? How does your mindset change when you are creative? What if you started and created something you love? Notice the possible positive sensations and emotions you could experience if you tap into your creativity.

Find your focus

You know how you work best. Finding your focus might be brainstorming your ideas as a starting point, talking it through with someone for some accountability, making a mood board on Pinterest, flicking through a mag, listening to music, researching your subject, or fixing a deadline.

Show up and be in the process

You know it is all in the starting. For something we can put off for days or weeks, it is remarkable how quickly your output can then happen. What does the process of your creativity give you? Be in the moment of the joy, elation, lightness and refresh.

Stay curious

However your creativity flows, stay curious. Be in it and if you reach a block, walk away and get back to your curiosity. Be an observer. Notice what is going on around you. Notice how you are feeling and why. Take your daily time outside (or in your garden/in the light of your window) to suck up the air, notice nature (sounds, scents, touch), the people you briefly see, and let your thoughts lead you back to your creative process. Be curious about how you can best connect with your creative spirit.

Whether you are looking to create for wellbeing or are embarking on your next creative project, I urge you to keep the door ajar to invite your creative spirit in.

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