Hush your inner critic and shine on video!

Written by Jo Brunwin of Behold Video ~ a joyful platform for creative biz owners and entrepreneurs to learn video in an engaging, no-nonsense and tech-jargon free environment.

Time and time again, wonderful creative types like you reach out to me in desperation as they try to navigate the technical do's and don'ts of video creation. What often surprises them though, as they begin to implement my advice, isn't the difficulty or the techy stuff. Or even the time it takes them to create a video from beginning to end. It's that inner voice niggling at them telling them 'Don't post this, don't say that, stop being weird!' or what I like to call the 'Inner Critic'.

Actually, the inner critic is a fundamental rite of passage for any creative. If you're coming up with concepts, designs, artwork, a piece of writing or anything else creative you have probably hit that wall in the process about three quarters of the way through, where you suddenly can't help but feel totally inadequate. You haven't quite captured the thing as you wanted to and you start to feel ashamed and often, so so often, you want to give up. But, you persevere and before you know it you reach that wonderful and wistful destination that is the reason you began in the first place.

The problem is that, when it comes to video, so many creatives do just give up there and then, in that third quarter and it makes sense; you're not a TV personality, or a videographer with years of training. You're an artist and you want to focus on making your own art, whatever that may be. This video thing is just too stressful, it's too hard! Very quickly you blame the process but what you're missing is that the problem is you. Ouch, actually, let me re-phrase that: the problem is that you keep believing the lie that people won't listen, or don't care, that you look or sound silly. This inner critic leads people in one of two ways. 1. You stop the process and you tell yourself 'no one is really using video anyway, it's not that important'. Or 2. You just rinse and repeat what everyone else is already doing with video because it feels safe.

I speak from experience, because I too felt all these things in my journey and I see it over and over again. I've been a videographer for 10+ years and was mostly happy with filming other people and telling their stories. But I realised as time went on that I was missing out on such a powerful self-hyping tool. Large companies will pay £££ to get their story out there with video because they recognise its power. You only have to look at The World Economic Forum's recent visual report on 'Media Consumption in the age of Covid 19' to see that there is a huge trend towards consumption of online videos with an increase of 51% for Gen Z, 44% for Millenials and 35% for Gen X and this isn't something that will die out with the virus – it's a trend that has an exponential growth trajectory. Forbes reported back in 2018 that users spend 88% more time on a website with video.

So you know that you need to make use of this awesome marketing tool but you just keep hitting that roadblock. I have made it my mission in 2020 to empower as many creative biz owners and entrepreneurs as possible to get over the fear and to start showing up on video without just following the herd.

Here are my tips for how to get started now:

Tip 1: Start somewhere

Even if it's just ranting in to the camera at first. Just begin and your confidence will grow along the way.

Tip 2: Be gracious with yourself

Break the process down in to bitesize chunks like planning the content, shooting the content, editing / uploading it.

Tip 3: Experiment with videos

Test out different types of videos and see what gets the most engagement / likes / click-throughs etc.

Tip 4: Re-purpose your videos

Over time you will have plenty of video content to share across multiple channels and that's where the magic really starts happening. Start to build a folder of your videos and once a month try turning them into different formats for different platforms. A really good app for resizing your videos in this way is Spark Post.

Tip 5: Be organised

Create a little folder in your phone or tablet of video apps to help speed things up. Some of my favourites are: Premiere Rush for editing and adding a preset, CutStory (for cutting longer videos into stories), Unfold for stories, Hype Text for adding animated graphics and Spark Post for re-purposing.

And lastly, I am here to support you! You don't have to go through this alone, you can join me over on my Instagram for regular mini-trainings and information about how to access my courses, membership and more // @jo_and_behold

Sources: The World Economic Forum 'This is how COVID-19 has changed media habits in each generation' // Forbes 'Video Marketing In 2018 Continues To Explode As Way To Reach Customers'

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