Imagine All The People #06 // Lucia Desperati, Keyframes + Lolab

Lolab is an online office that helps freelancers to manage the biz without the overwhelm, while Keyframes helps founders to boost business one video at a time. 

How does your creativity present itself? Creativity is the underline to everything we do daily, it is not just in the creative expression that we commonly picture when we think about the artistic movements and professions. Creativity is logical thinking with a different spin - it's finding new solutions to common problems, and looking at things from a different perspective to find a new way to disrupt a system that isn't working. Creativity is embedded in us, and we unleash it every time we don’t follow the 'standard'.

What is creative about your work?

With Lolab I get to visualise the problems I was faced with since I started out as a freelancer and I find a solution to that problem. It is not just about choosing the technology, the user experience or the interface that gets me excited, it's the train of thought that connects it all. That is the creative challenge for which I live for! 

When it comes to the traditional kind of creativity by working at Keyframes I get to go through the process of ideation and production of creative assets and videos to communicate a clear message. Here is where the creative application comes into play by helping businesses and brands grow.

What is your most used item / software / app in your work? When it comes to my stack of softwares, I work with the Adobe Creative Cloud: After Effects for VFX and animations, Illustrator for vectors and illustrations, Photoshop for compositing, mockups and XD for UI and prototype, and Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro for video editing. I work with Miro and Drive for planning and collaboration, Slack for team communications, and Asana for tasks.

Even if I constantly use Google Calendar to keep my meetings and work organised, I need to scribble on my physical paper planner. Lastly, I use the app Paper on my iPad to have all my journals and notebooks digitally with me all the time to be able to put down ideas when they arise.

What is the biggest challenge you face? Time is my main issue.  Not having enough time to perfect the work I’m doing.

We live in an instant world where we need to work on the spot, create on the spot and activate our creativity on demand. I know from experience that my best work is within a longer timeline where I can take breaks, be inspired in the most unexpected moment and place, to then go back and finish what I’ve started. This is where I see the separation between being an artist vs being a creative.

How do you deal with that?

I define myself as a creative entrepreneur. I follow processes for production and use automations that help with admin so that I can get more time doing what matters and what makes a difference in my work.

How do you top up your creative cup? Sometimes it's just reading a book, watching a movie or simply distracting myself to let my

creativity flow without constraints. Sometimes I get inspired by peeking in other people's creative bubble thanks to platforms like Behance and Dribbble.

In normal times, I love to visit museums and the time I feel most inspired is when I get to walk around in cities full of history and art.

What podcast / book / person would you recommend to another creative freelancer? I would highly recommend The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns, Chris Do talks and the Create Connect Convert podcast to get in the business mindset.

So that, not only do we continue to grow as creatives but we also think about ourselves as entrepreneurs because that’s ultimately what we are.

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