Journal Your Way To 20:20 Vision

Do you ever find your head full of ideas and thoughts, and no way of telling what to bring to the forefront?

Do the feelings hanging in your body make it hard to get clear on what you should do first today?

Are you a business owner who has lost your vision for where you want your business to go next?

I try to journal regularly as a way to help me connect to my 20:20 vision. There is power in this practice. I find writing freely, without judgement, a great way to move my mind chatter to one side and lift the heavy feelings. The jumble of words flow until I unravel what I am truly feeling or what I really should be focussing my energy on.

Here are some writing starters for you to try today:

  • If you were an animal, what would you be today?

  • Draw your mood and describe in words why you are feeling this way.

  • If you were the weather, what would you be today?

  • Draw with the colours and shapes that represent your thoughts and feelings.

Here is my example today:

‘I am a lion. I am full of roar today, and not in a good way. I am prowling looking for a fight to quench my frustration. I am on edge. I am looking for ways to satisfy my hunger for achievement, progress and enough-ness. As I write, I notice these feelings and recognise where I am at today. I can work towards a reframe. I want to be a lion that has power with the energy to run towards the few things I can manage today.’

How can the words in your journal:

  • support you in getting clearer on your intentions for the day?

  • lift the negative thoughts and stories, so you can work towards forward movement?

  • unravel your creativity for your next project?

  • help you to move the blocks to one side, and find inspiration?

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