Why celebrating yourself is important in your life & your business

Written by Maxine Kerley, a happiness & life coach.

To kick this off, I would love for you to think about the times you’ve celebrated in your life. Picture all the occasions and the people involved.

Now I want you to think about how many of those events and occasions were about you.

When we think about celebrations we think of birthdays, Christmas, weddings, births, graduating, a new job, moving house... the list could go on.

All of those moments for celebration come automatically to us because of what we've experienced growing up. When we think about it, we are probably involved in the celebration of others far more than when it comes to celebrating ourselves.

Celebrating yourself...

  • Helps build resilience.

  • Helps power the positive emotions that can help us in other situations of challenges and stress.

  • Shows yourself that YOU matter.

Celebrating our own achievements can feel a lot harder. Sometimes you don't even think about it until someone else raises a glass and says "well done you". But self celebration is important. I know it can feel jarring if it’s not something you're used to, or you’ve been brought up to not talk about your achievements because of how people might react or feel. I know this can take time to shift, but that’s okay because we’ve got time and you can start small.

Celebrating yourself helps you to enjoy the journey. If we get so caught up in doing, we never experience being. And being is so important. Think of all the reasons why you chose to work for yourself, or why you've made the decisions you have. Stop and celebrate - it will help you experience those on another level. To find joy in the moment.

Celebrating yourself helps raise your confidence levels whilst boosting your brain with all the good stuff. The joy and happiness we feel when we celebrate helps fire up our neurons, so our brains make more connections. And the brain loves connections!

Start small. Start with what feels good and right to you.

You can celebrate in the comfort of your own home, with your favourite chocolate and a glass of bubbles!

You can celebrate by telling yourself that you are amazing. (Or any other affirmations that work for you).

And of course you can buy my Big Moments cards too.

The thing to remember is that celebration can be whatever you want it to be, the main thing is that you do it.

Celebrate you!

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