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Sam Brown, Copywriter

'Working with Tommy was just what I needed! She helped me to gain some much-needed perspective and clarity on my situation and I frequently find myself thinking 'What would Tommy do?' when I find myself going off course! I'm more confident in my abilities and am much happier owning the title of 'creative' than I ever was before spending time with Tommy. Will definitely go back for a top up if I feel that confidence running low at any point in the future!'

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THEO, Artist + Songwriter

'I have been working with Tommy for four years and have built a trusting relationship with her. Initially, Tommy was my vocal coach during university but our sessions naturally transitioned into being a space where I can discuss my career developments now that I have graduated and am releasing my own music. Together we have explored my sound, what direction I would like to go in, as well as visualised ideas for my photoshoots and videos. She has advised me on how to navigate difficult conversations with managers and producers in the music industry, and helped me to prepare for festival and livestream performances. Her counsel and input has been, and continues to be, invaluable in developing my confidence and working towards my career goals.'

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Adam Manolson, Writer

'I was at a point in life where I felt stuck in my job, but couldn't see a way to a different one, and I was not finding or making the time to do the things that mattered to me. Principally I wanted to return to creative writing after many years away. Over only about half a dozen sessions, Tommy has helped me to make some significant changes. She has helped me to put in place structures so that I have time to do my writing; I have begun a blog; I have started taking part in a campaigning organisation; I have started to pursue other interests that had been on hold.


She has never told me what to do, but rather she has listened and reflected back, asked good questions, noted my body language as I talk about different things. Importantly, she has gently pushed me to commit to doing things that otherwise I may have put off. The sessions have been fun, and sometimes funny, with both wide-ranging discussions and sharp focus.'

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Coni L-J, Thea Collective Founder

'For a long time I had wanted to create my own freelance agency, but had lost sight of that amongst the chaos of work and life. From my initial session with Tommy, she instinctively knew that this was the direction my business should take and she helped me realise that it was possible.  The agency has now launched and I have no doubt this would not be happening had I not invested in coaching with Tommy.


I am feeling more confident in the value that I add to my clients. This was something I was really struggling with and that has definitely improved.  When you work for yourself it is so easy to get stuck in your own head and create a negative narrative that doesn’t actually exist. Having an objective person like Tommy - who is level headed but also kind and friendly - gently pick holes in the lies I was telling myself has really changed my whole outlook. '

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Gemma Sugrue, Pro Vocal Artist Founder

'Tommy has helped me navigate my way through several life and career transitions over the past year. She always finds the right questions to ask me on our session and has been my lighthouse for when I was steering off course. I can’t believe the changes I’ve brought about in my life since our first session.'

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Abbey Booth, Personal Stylist


'Tommy supported me on my journey to fully own my space and feel confident in myself to thrive. Her insight has been invaluable to me on a personal level and in forging a way forward for my business that both reaches my aspirational goals yet keeps me well balanced and healthy!


As Tommy is so warm and professional she often touches in with you throughout the month. I always look forward to our sessions as I come away having learned something new about myself and feeling really uplifted and motivated!'

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Vicki Hull, Photographer

'Tommy is a fantastic Life Coach as she is so thoughtful and encouraging. Tommy had a way of asking questions which helped me to reflect and to consider things in a different way. She had such a positive impact on the way I approached things and gave me meaningful strategies that I could easily put in place. She made me see the value in what I do and gave me the confidence I needed to make changes. Thanks Tommy!'