Unlock Your Creative Process:

the cycle from idea to completion

Build a consistent creative practice that you can come back to time and again.

  • Do you find yourself struggling with creative block, getting stuck before you can see things through?

  • Has your confidence in your creativity taken a knock?

  • Are you letting fear of failure hold you back from taking the first steps with a new idea?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and lacking the focus you need to push projects to completion?

  • Do you find it hard to make the time for your creativity?

If you want to find more freedom to do what you love AND enjoy the financial benefits of your creativity, then this course is for you.

Unlock Your Creative Process is designed to guide you to establish a practice that works for you and becomes a core part of your creative toolkit. As counterintuitive as it may sound, we all need a degree of structure in place to open up the space required for our creativity to bloom. 

It’s time to enable yourself to make the most out of your passion, harnessing your creativity to produce something meaningful without any blocks in your way.

'I'm more confident in my abilities and am much happier owning the title of "creative" than I ever was before spending time with Tommy.'


What will unlocking your creative process feel like?

  • Freedom from creative block. Say goodbye to your fear of failure and that sense of being stuck.

  • The confidence of knowing how to access your creativity, whenever you choose.

  • Challenging yourself to build new habits and explore your own range of possibilities.

  • Being able to approach all of your work with a more creative mindset.

  • Experiencing the big group energy of exploring this process with like-minded creatives.

How does the course work?

Image by Ella Jardim

​Set over four weeks, the course is made up of four pre-recorded modules for you to work through with the support of weekly group coaching sessions.


The programme is a combination of coaching tools, learning how to create your own best practice, and building creative habits that work that you can revisit, time and again. You will also be welcomed into a dedicated online community space with other creatives on the same journey to unlocking their creative process.

Each module focuses on an integral stage of the cycle from idea to completion. 

During the four weeks you will:

  • Build a creativity portfolio that strengthens your confidence with unavoidable proof that you ARE a successful creative. 

  • Embrace mindset work around the fear that stops you in your tracks, or keeps your ideas stuck inside. 

  • Unlock the belief you need in yourself to banish your inner critic. 

  • Get access to my Creative Freedom Toolkit, including worksheets, guided meditations and more.

The modules:


Too often, we don’t stop to acknowledge exactly what we’ve accomplished, allowing the negative voice inside to take over. This is your chance to take the time to build a Creativity Portfolio – an overview of your creative achievements to prove to yourself that you should keep going with this work. You’ll be doing reflective practice, as well as gathering previous work and ideas together.



Next, we embark on the deeper mindset work that will keep you coming back to your creativity. You’ll experience a shift away from fear and judgement, leaving you feeling confident and liberated in your creative process. As part of this grounding phase you’ll also build a sustainable self-care practice. 



This is your opportunity to assemble your own Creative Freedom Toolkit. Rooted in a sense of curiosity, we’ll explore the ways in which you choose to play and seek inspiration – this is your chance to stretch your boundaries. I will give you all my favourite tools and approaches to design your own resource to come back to whenever you need it. 

Creative Habits

It’s time to build the right habits to allow your creativity to flow. This final stage includes guidance on how to establish daily habits, getting a sense of structure in place and practicing a healthy balance between your ‘to-dos’ and your creativity. 

Pre-recorded modules will be sent out each Monday with a 90-minute group coaching session each week. 

Stop feeling stuck and step into your creative process with confidence, every time.


Why listen to me?

I understand the struggle of trying to make it in a competitive creative industry. I’ve felt for myself how the pressure of the outcome itself can totally block the flow you need to achieve any progress at all. I’ve faced the fear of failure and the risks involved in shaping a creative life and career. 

I’ve learnt the power of embracing the creative process for what it is and am endlessly intrigued by the ways in which we can find our own sweet spots of creativity. No two creators will make the same work or undergo the same process but I want to give you the tools you need to be empowered to do your best work, guilt-free, and to enjoy all of your unique qualities. 

'Tommy had such a positive impact on the way I approached things and gave me meaningful strategies that I could easily put in place.'

As a coach for creatives, I love the therapy that people can take from tuning into their creativity and being with it regularly. There’s nothing better than witnessing someone finding their intrinsic motivation and, with the right tools, unlocking their creative process. 

And on the formal side, I have the following qualifications:

  • A Postgraduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching with Barefoot Coaching

  • A Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning with the University of Sussex

  • 10+ years teaching experience at BIMM London – Europe’s leading music university


Course of modules + group coaching



Three payments of £111

Course of modules + group coaching + 1:1



Three payments of £148


'Tommy has helped me to put in place structures so that I have time to do my writing; I have begun a blog; I have started taking part in a campaigning organisation; I have started to pursue other interests that had been on hold.'

Adam, Writer